Welcome to Cycle Together

Development and Support from Cyclists on Health, Fitness and Cycling on Your Own Terms

About Us

Founded by cyclists, the Cycle Together Community is a safe and inclusive space where people can be open about their challenges getting into cycling, with the knowledge that they will be met with kindness and support from our members.

Why You Should Join Us

Have questions or challenges? Get answers quickly and easily.
Ever wondered what that weird clicking sound is around your pedals, or need to get tips on how to get a really tight tyre back on? Our members are here to help! And not just with the know-how but also with empathy. Much better than trawling Google and finding half-related information on page six!

Knowledge sharing is unreal!
The collective knowledge in the Cycle Together Community room is immense. Our community gathers experts from across cycling to share their insights, tips and tricks. No matter if you’re a seasoned cyclist or a newbie, there’s always something to learn.

Give and Receive the Gift of Support.
Our community brings together those marginalised in society. We understand the extra challenges and hurdles you face navigating sports and the world at large. We get it – we’ve been there. Together, we’re here to support and lift up one another.

Inspire others and be inspired.
Be inspired by our members who are each going on their own cycling journey. We believe inspiration can come in all forms, whether that be fixing your first puncture or preparing for your first bikepacking trip. You’ll be part of a community that loves to raise up and celebrate your wins.

Meet and connect with like-minded people all round the world. 
Some of our community members enjoy helping each other out, while others join our community discussions for a chat with friends. By joining the Cycle Together community, you will connect with people all around the world who are bike curious.

Challenge the narrative.
We are aware there is a narrative around what a typical cyclist looks like. By coming together, we want to challenge that narrative, showcasing the vibrant diversity that exists in cycling. Join us and more people will see themselves in you, helping them feel cycling is a possibility.